Month: October 2012

I’m Sick of It… The Truth About Passion

Today’s article came from a deep place. I didn’t want to send this out because I knew some people would be upset. But I’m yanking the covers off the lie that’s prevailing in the marketplace. Honestly, I’m sick of it.

Scenario 1 

We’ve all seen it: the auditions for American Idol. During the interview, a young woman speaks passionately about her dream of becoming a singer. Her story is absolutely amazing and you even find yourself tearing up after hearing her express her desire to sing  with such emotion. You’re convinced that she might win just by her introduction alone. Suddenly, the moment arrives when she has to sing. But after she sings the first note…

…you’re slightly disappointed.

Actually, you’re shocked. Maybe even confused.

You ask yourself: “How can she be so passionate about singing and yet, she can’t sing?”

If you’re watching with a friend, you give each other that look and shake your heads.

The truth: She’s confused passion with purpose.

Scenario 2 

Michelle is multi-talented; in fact, everything she touches turns to gold. She’s competent at a number of things and has even won numerous accolades and awards for her ability to dominate in her industry. She’s heard about a great opportunity to start a new business in cooking. She knows that she can learn how to do anything (within her means, of course,) and she’s interested in this new venture. Everybody knows that cooking is something that brings her alive. But, she refuses to give it a chance.  She’d prefer to do what looks “good” to everyone else.

The truth: She’s confused purpose with ability.

Does this sound like anyone you might know?

What’s the Problem?

In the personal development and success/business coaching industry, there is a lot of talk about finding your passion, and unfortunately too many women are falling for this “passion trap.”   What’s even worse, is that these women (not you) start to mimic the so-called high-achievers in  search of  their own success and miss out on what they are YOUniquely purposed to do.

I hate to say this but, it bothers me, beyond irritation to see a women relinguish her creative power for synthetic power. She abdicates her purpose for passion.


I’m not opposed to passion, but I’d like to submit to you that passion should not be the litmus test for purpose or finding your calling. 

Trust me, I understand how passion can be an indication of what you’re called to do, but it’s not (repeat after me) the basis for determining your calling.


Because its possible to be passionate about the wrong thing. In scenario one, the girl was clearly passionate. She had a strong, intense desire to become a famous singer, yet she wasn’t equipped with the skills to express a note.

In scenario number two, the girl was successful, yet unsatisfied.She made good the enemy of her great.

Who knows what kind of life she’s missing out on because she’s settling for good or passion?


Passion is an emotion. Emotions give us some information but they are not always true.

Passion is a very strong feeling; an intense desire for something and many people make major decisions based on how “passionate” they feel.  But passion can steer you wrong if you’re not careful.

Passion alone can lead you to believe you’re called to sing, start a new business, move to another country, or start a new relationship. And six months to a year later, you will ultimately find that passion alone is not enough to keep you satisfied, and equipped for the road to success.

That’s the problem with passion – it doesn’t guarantee fulfillment, equip you for the long haul, nor does it challenge you to  serve others. The only thing that can bring about all of that and more  is purpose

In fact, what all human beings really want is purpose.

What is Purpose?

Purpose is a deep call and a nagging burden that you have to solve a persistent problem and bring healing to that area or to a group of people.

It’s not always fancy, but it does feel like “fire shut up in your bones”.

A true purpose will give you:

  1. A Deep Satisfaction – When you’re in purpose you’ll feel it from the bottom of your heart to the whole of your spirit. You’ll have an undeniable twinkle in your eye, and every part of your being will feel deeply satisfied. Their are no strings attached.
  2. Purity – Your call should bring you to a place of purity; a place where you seek to wash yourself of unrighteousness and cleanse yourself of wrong thinking and neediness from others. Purpose is the ultimate personal development course. As you step into purpose you’re bound to come alive and live the life you were created to live.
  3. Freedom – Purpose will give you freedom to express who you are without trying to prove yourself to others. In purpose, you’re not trying to find validation or seek attention. You’re simply free to use your gifts and talents to serve others without expectation.   *SERVICE is the key .
  4. Insight – Purpose will give you insight for change and will enable you to be a problem solver/change agent/revolutionary thinker through your job, product, or services.
  5. Wholeness –  Women in purpose always feel whole. They know that God is the center of who they are and they view him as the source of all opportunity, responsibility, and growth.

Simply stated, your purpose will enable you  to access your God-self (aka your best self and your greatest self.)


Now that’s what I want. Purpose. Not passion.

I want the ability to be my best self, serve others, and shine bright as a supernova.

You might still be wondering: “Shouldn’t I feel passionate about my job, business, or calling?”  My answer is yes, but I want you to remember this:

Passion does not yield purpose, but purpose always brings about passion.

In my next article, I’ll be giving you the seven elements for finding your purpose. But for now I want you to tell me what you’re passionately purposed to do?

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