Month: November 2012

Grind, Glow & Grow : How Bad Do You Want It Part 2?

Lolo Jones, an American track star, was quoted as saying: “I’ve trained every day for the past four years, five days a week, for a 12 second race.”

Um, come again?

Did she really say 12 seconds?

Yes, she did.

When I heard Lolo say that I instantly realized that I couldn’t fathom training every day for a 12 second race.

In fact,

I couldn’t imagine training five days a week, eight hours a day, for an opportunity four years into the future.

Heck, can you?

Come on.

Don’t lie.

Can you really imagine your dream in real time being held within a 12 second timeframe?

Honestly, I can’t – but if you’re a track star, that’s your reality. You train to position yourself to compete at the highest level. Then you train some more to prepare for the “big stage” (aka the Olympics) all to represent yourself, your country, and your coach. This is why I admire  athletes – they have such a deep level of discipline and work ethic towards not just achieving their goals, but positioning themselves to have the opportunity to achieve those goals.

It’s the difference between hoping to arrive, attain, and achieve, and taking the necessary steps to move towards the mark set for yourself.

When I think of the SheRISES community (the Success Mavens), I think of smart, dynamic, and creative women like you training for their next big race. The race is synonymous with our personal projects and goals that will serve the greater good of the world. But I often question our level of dedication to being and becoming the person who God called us to be.

Twelve seconds for Lolo Jones is the difference between being a track star and being an Olympic Gold Medalist, and although being a track star and record holder is good, being an Olympic Gold Medalist is much better.

So my questions is:

“How bad do you want it?”

I asked you this same question a couple weeks ago in Part 1 of the How Bad Do You Want It? series and many of you said, “Queenie, I really want it.”

So my question to you today is: “What does your training look like?”

1. Is it once a week or five times a week?
2. Are you consistent or spotty?
3. Do you train like your life depends on it?
4. Do you train like someone else’s life depends on it?
5. Are your training days scheduled?
6. Have you narrowed down what you’re training for?
7. Do you have a coach to help you train?

This week I challenge you to push forward and Grind, Glow, and Grow.

It’s time for you to stop talking, stop daydreaming, and start taking the necessary steps to give yourself and your dream everything you’ve got. If you have a book in your mind, start writing; if you have a program, start scripting the outline; if you want more clients, start developing your sales strategy. If you want to start a volunteer program, just start it.


excellence is the result of high-level training.

It’s not an accident,

nor does it occur by happenstance.

Simply stated, you have to train for success.

Write This Down:
Success is a deliberate intention, coupled with right action, and accurate thinking.

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