Month: February 2013

Queenie Loves: The Strategic Pyramid


Mavens, today we’re kicking off our 10 days of Queenie Loves: Tips, Strategies, Resources & Products to Help You Live a Life that You’ll Absolutely Love.  Today I want to share with you the Strategic Pyramid, one of my favorite TED Talks and a great book.

Hopefully, you’re taking notes. Paper. Check. Pen. Check

Many of you are working on launching your business or redeveloping your brand so, I thought this tip would be the perfect way to start our countdown to Valentines Day.

Do You Have  A Business? 

Building a business isn’t easy, but building a business without concrete knowledge of your purpose, mission, vision and goals is a big NO, NO. Are you doing that?

Introducing The Strategic Pyramid 

What I like about this pyramid is that it helps you to put these big ideas into perspective.Remember, your ‘WHY’ (Purpose)  is the most important aspect of your company. What’s Your Why?


Want More Evidence?

Check out this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. In his presentation he shares, How great leaders inspire action. “The Golden Circle” will teach you why some are able to inspire and others are not.

If you like his Ted Talk you’ll love his book. 


Find your ‘Why’ Mavens.

Identifying your ‘WHY’ is foundational to building your  prosperous business.

If you already have your ‘WHY,’ post your why below.


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