The Trouble with God-Centered Entrepreneurs

You love God.

You’re committed to serving.

You give and give (almost to a fault).

But, you’re not making (enough) money.

I hate to say this, but the problem is you.

Yes, you!  How do I know? I was right where you are two years ago.  I blamed my clients, their mindset, not having enough time to get anything done, and I had the nerve to blame my coach (I’m giving myself a side eye).

Although it felt good to blame others, I quickly realized that “blaming” didn’t boost my business profits. It actually left me feeling disempowered and hopeless. I quickly realized that I had to take 100% responsibility for the results in my life, stop  wishing, crying and start making some real money.  I knew I had something powerful to share with the world.  Eventually, I fully embodied my determination. I stepped fully into alignment with my coach and my faith, created a real money making strategy, and saw some spectacular results. Below I’m sharing with you three problems that all God-Centered Entrepreneurs have to overcome to power up their business, brand, and brilliance.


Problem #1: You missed the part in the scripture where it says to love thy neighbor as THYSELF.

Keyword: THYSELF

How can you possibly give and it takes away from you? True giving never takes away from you. I know you’ve been taught that sacrifice means denying yourself of what’s yours to be of service to others, but that’s not true. The truth is “sacrifice” is giving up something of a lesser value (something you think you need) for something that actually has more value and purpose in your life.  For example; I’m sacrificing this McDonald’s meal (lesser value) for this quinoa salad with fresh salmon (greater value).This is the real meaning of sacrifice. It feels like you’re giving something up, but in fact, you’re gaining so much more. In this example, you’re gaining a better body.


Solution: Release the false humility that makes you feel that you have to give and give without ever receiving anything in return. Giving and receiving exude the power of love. Love will show you how to empower and motivate your clients to invest in themselves by making powerful sacrifices, and help you gift them with certainty. I can teach you to how to facilitate this process for your clients.


“Realizing that I had to truly love and empower myself first so that I can truly love my neighbor was a critical shift in the way I positioned myself, services and offers. It was the shift that helped me increase my prices and revenue 10x.  If you’re ready to bust through your upper limit and really prosper even as your soul is prospering and show up as a real business owner, apply here for a complimentary strategy session where we can help you discover the next steps to help you gain 3 clients in the next 30 days.”


    The trouble with God-Centered Entrepreneurs

Problem 2: You’re broadcasting the wrong message.  

Jesus had one message: Love the Lord God with all your heart mind and strength & Love thy neighbor as thyself. There is no confusion. No fuss. No fluff.  What is your message? Is it clear? If you are attracting clients who under appreciate your services and can’t afford to pay you what you’re worth, that is a clear indication that you’re broadcasting the wrong message.

Solution: Release the need to articulate all the ways you can serve your client. I’m not telling you that you have to niche down, but I am saying that it’s easier for people to remember the 1 to 3 services you offer rather than the 7 to 9 things you can do for them. Nail down your offering. I’m talking about the one that will have them running to you. Jesus offered love and eternal life. Pinpoint your ideal perfect client and evangelize your offering with a clear and articulate brand message. Your message should communicate what you do and why you do it. My brand message is simple; I train God-centered Entrepreneurs to have it all: A brand, business, and brilliant child.


Problem 3:  You’re hiding.

Deep down you believe that if you put yourself out there, you’re bragging.

You’re not.

You post on FB, but that’s not enough to succeed. You have to get aggressive with this and show what you have to offer.

I had to learn this the hard way. It’s not enough to say that you want to serve people. You have to put yourself out there consistently. Get in the game and SHOW up.

There was a time I was so afraid of putting myself in the spotlight. I had this mind chatter that was telling me that I was doing too much, showing off, blah… blah….blah. Once I quieted the chatter and reframed my scripts around being visible I was able to gain traction in my business, show up  and shine with bright faith.

Remember, Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem proclaiming his message and demonstrating his value. Jesus was a marketing and sales genius. Did others think he was being over the top? Yes, to the people who were used to the status quo (ahem, the Pharisees). In reality, he was simply being himself. He was so empowered by his message of love and hope he shared it with unabashed fortitude. As he shared his message with confidence, crowds were drawn to him.

Solution: Release the idea that you have to play small. God said that you are a child of LIGHT. If you are a light, why are you hiding? Your function is to be a light in dark places. Stand up tall. Pull your shoulders back and shine, baby, shine.

What does that mean?

SHINE and articulate your offer, demonstrate your unique beautiful value so you can do the work that you know you are called to do and get paid very well for supporting your clients in their gorgeous transformation.






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