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Thursday Talk w/Queenie: Turning Passion into Profit

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Today is Thursday Talk w/Queenie.  Our question today comes from @CocktailsnConvo-

Hi Queenie-How do you turn your passion into an opportunity to be an additional stream of income. Where do you start?


Fantastic question!

@CocktailsnConvo-You must start with two foundational understandings.  You are a creator & money is energy.

To have them flow into your life you must be willing to accept that what you create has power; power to inspire, encourage and make others feel good. You also have to understand that money will willingly flow into your life once you make space for it to show up. As an energy force, money has unlimited potential and can manifest in your life at any time.

I’m assuming that in this case your passion is your purpose and when you exercise it- people respond to you positively. If this is the case then it’s time to put a price tag on what you’re already doing and start selling it.

Once you have a price its now time to:

1. Start telling people about your offer- Give other people the opportunity to partake in the goodness that you’ve created, don’t be stingy. Be sure to find the right people for your product or service, just remember not to become spammy on social media sites.

2. Get some real estate on the worldwide web- Get a simple website up but, don’t spend unnecessary cash upfront on a website. Your initial website is a place for you to post your services, pictures of your service or product and accept credit card payments using PayPal or a merchant account. As your business grows you can invest in an upgraded website.

3. Think about how much you’d like to be making- Declaring how much money you’d like to earn and attract is empowering. Target a number that makes you feel happy and alive. Aim for the number that makes you a little bit uncomfortable and challenges you, not for the number that makes you scared and paralyzes you.

4. Establish systems to get results-How will clients get in touch with you? How will you organize your time and establish your calendar? What strategies will you use to follow up with and through with clients. How will you ask for money, bill and collect it?


As you apply these principles more information will be unfolded to you.


Queenie Johnson/Success Coach

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