Monthly Challenges

[Your Free Love Gift] Happy Hugs & Hearts Day

Love is the most powerful force, and I truly believe that love is the key to serving and helping others succeed. My passion is seeing you grow and be the Saavy-Dreamer and Kick-Ass woman that you are ‘RISE’ to the top of your professional industry & conquer your personal goals just like I did.

My chief aim is to help as many women as I can, live the life they’ve imagined. 

I want to see you living your dreams out loud and doing what you are called to do. As your success coach, I teach you how to locate, direct and drive yourself towards your purpose and passion, while helping you to overcome the obstacles that are sure to confront you  on this journey of personal success and perpetual growth. I  help you manifest your desires by teaching laws, strategies and technologies to unlock doors of opportunity and attract more goodness into your life.

Your Free Gift

That’s why I’ve decided to give you some of my personal decrees & confessions. 
A decree is an official order whereas a confession is an admission or acknowledgement. Confessing your greatness daily, is a ritual that every enterpRISING woman must adopt.

Our challenge this month is to love ourselves and others some more. I believe that the only way to love others is by loving yourself first. Remember that love flows from within,  then if flows without. My greatest strategy is to strengthen my self-love by using I AM decrees daily.

Establishing who you are is a game-changing play, if you want to go big and live out your dreams. It separates you from 99% of people who sit back and hope and wish that someone will acknowledge their greatness. You have to declare your own greatness, then you can share it with others through love.

Are you ready to be different? 

Well, I’m so excited because I have crafted a special set of decrees that I believe will open your heart and mind to the flow of love like never before. I believe that If you use these decrees with a pure heart and say them once in the morning and once in the evening over the next seven days, you will experience positive gains in your life.

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