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[Coming Soon] EnterpRISING Execution Coaching Program

SheRISES is going to the next level and I want to give you a little glimpse of what’s to come. First and foremost, I’m customizing a special program to help you launch your creative dream. This program is a little different from our Radiant YOUniversity program, which is more like an accelerated “B” school for our fast-paced Success Mavens who prefer a more comprehensive program. 

Take an inside peek:

The program length is cut in half and it also affords you the opportunity to work with me at a lower price point. You will still learn about the nuts and bolts of launching your creative dream without sacrificing thoroughness and efficiency. This will benefit each participant with a minimum total of 5 hour in-depth coaching calls, unlimited email support and smart business tips.Trust me, every high-performing woman with a dream and a goal of turning that passion into profit should be tuned into this message. I cannot wait to share the rest of the details of that particular program with you. In the mean time, be on the look out for our hot promos and other one-on-one coaching opportunities that will be available in the coming weeks. The spaces will be limited, so start preparing now.
If you’re not on my list please hop on it right now. www.sheRISES.orgFor those of you who are already on my list, check out our enterpRISING woman of the month, Ms. Spirit Wallace, the owner of A Pinch of Spirit.




Interested in Working with Me?

Are you impelled to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to RISE OVER THE TOP and push play on your creative dreams? If you say yes, you’ll love The Clarity Call Formula. It’s my most affordable success coaching & high-impact program designed for the creative woman seeking clarity, mentorship and proven success strategies to launch them forward and live their dreams out loud. I focus on igniting your passion, expanding your greatness and mastering your mindset. Among other fantastic benefits, each All-Start Client is entitled to three high-powered coaching calls per month from yours truly. Testimonials from clients illustrate their immediate RESULTS, new found confidence and readiness for accomplishing their goals.For more information about signing up for your Clarity Call, you may give me a call at 1-213-537-4738. You may also reply to this message for your inquiries. #KeepRISING


My Dream Book

I’m up early working on my DREAM BOOK. Every goal, every accomplishment has been driven my Dream Book. Once they are in my book, I use a scientific process to manifest each dream. Using this process has given me increase in every area of my life.

Do you have a Dream Book or a Vision Board?