MAVEN LOVE LETTER- Happy Valentine’s Day


Hi Beautiful Maven,
I love you because you want to make a magnificent difference, I love you, because you and I we share a common bond…..

You see, every day in order to live extraordinary- God filled lives, we crave FREEDOM
Freedom to create, freedom to choose, freedom to be everything that God has called us to be

You see, WE love adventure and taking risks…. We thrive when people tell us something is IMPOSSIBLE, we break down walls, and we don’t give up, we seek connection with others who support our CONSCIOUS CAMPAIGN.

Like me, you have an inner drive, and a deep ambition.
we’re mighty, brilliant and radiant in all of our ways

We yearn to live genuine lives, crave perpetual personal growth, and need a touch of sophistication and lots of style in our life. We desire to experience a life full of abundance, dynamic friendships and quality connections.

You won’t relent. …..you love creativity, helping others and being of service.

Our imagination is our greatest asset. It’s there that we create grand ideas…..where we can see things that others cannot.

At your core you have a deep ambition….that at times you struggle with, BUT, you’re convinced that it will create the change, abundance and influence that you seek.

To BE a living declaration of GOD, to be unconditional, unshakable, and non-negotiable devotion to your family, your entrepreneurial pursuits and living life WIDE AWAKE!
At the core of your BEING is a deep commitment to changing the course of humanity.

You dream of living your best life, building your beautiful brand and being a voice of change. You see yourself leading the pack, speaking to thousands and impacting lives every day.

And last year, you saw obstacles in your way. But not now.

You’ve decided to expand your vision, to NOT waste any more time doing it by yourself, or being hard on yourself. You’ve decided to stop—-creating, and creating… and start producing.

Choosing this new path…. Enables you to EMBRACE all of who you are, Stand in the fullness of love and light and INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE.

It’s time to leverage your natural feminine gifts, magnetize your greatness, and shine your light on that which comes naturally to you.
Now is not the time to back down, self-sabotage, deny your greatness or resist your gift.
Now is not the time to make EXCUSES, continue to do what’s comfortable, or live to make others happy. STOP THAT this moment.

We are cream of the crop, female success leaders, influential women called to REGIN.
You’ve finally released the need to be perfect, to not be scared, or to ask for help.

Finally you can take off the mask, drop the façade, and
BE true to who you really are….

You’re tired of choosing to “Just enough”.


It’s time to kick to the curve the old way of “worrying, and doubting” yourself and just get on with the job.

You’re not losing yourself anymore.

And you’re not giving in.

No more…excuses, playing small, complaining or giving all the reasons why you can’t do something.

It’s not part of your design. You’re built for something far greater, to live on a higher level, to pursue great exploits….

To be an ambassador of change.
It’s time to DO what you’ve been CALLED to do and live the GOD-KIND Of LIFE.

The great thing is…

You’re not alone on this quest….

And even better, you don’t have to surround yourself with “many” to fulfill the task that God has given you. A task that includes taking risks, trusting his direction, and giving more of ourselves to HIM.

You now have a place where only the ambitious, the driven, savvy and unabashed female leaders get stuff done.

Finally, you can clear your mind, and revel in QUALITY instead of quantity.

It’s time to Tap into your INNATE GENUS right now… with ease and flow.

Tapping into your innate genius means reaching your 6-Figure Business Radiant ReBrand Crusade- through mentorship, support and high-level education which is focused on…
• Accepting that you have more than enough to succeed “right now” at this very moment
• Discovering your natural feminine gifts and influence
• Systematizing your operations and plans

NOW you finally gifted yourself with CHOICE.

Remember doing the work that you mastered, leaving you bored and unfulfilled. Working on someone elses vision… the place that you settled for… the place in your life that left you feeling frustrated and irritated.
I admire that you’re now prepared to lead and drive change, because you know that it will influence change and guarantee the results that you desire in your life for you family and your tribe. I value your courage to step up and answer the God’s call
To RISE to the next level.


I think we click because maybe, just maybe you see the world though “abundant” eyes.

And because you’ve always believed there’s a different, more endearing way to inspire those who like you and I, don’t settle for “average”

Conforming to the status-quo makes both of us sick.

And, while others vilify or even worse, ignore the “black sheep, you marvel at their genus, model them and contribute to shifting the experience of
I know you’ll influence change

Together with our clique of conscious crusaders, we’ll build our stunning 5-Figure business, with class, innovation and originality.

We’ll lavish in abundance, revel in goodness and delight in our greatness reflected in others.

We take the time out to be grateful for the natural gifts servin in our life, We conspire for the success of others (no matter what)

We do what it takes. And, we live FREEDOM  everyday.


Because we see what other’s don’t,

And because …we’ve gifted ourselves with the choice.

I look forward to leading you to where you want to go beautiful, Success Maven.



MARKET LIKE MY GRANDMA (Old School Techniques from My Great-Grandma Angie)


You probably won’t believe this, but there was a time when I was terrified of marketing. The very thought of it made me cringe.

I hated talking to people about my business because I didn’t want to be known as “THAT” girl.

Well …

Long gone are the days where I keep my mouth shut about what I do for fear of how others may perceive me; now I seize every opportunity to share with others how I change lives through my work with SheRISES. (I also had a no-fluff business coach who straightened me out!)

When I stepped up my marketing game I realized that all I had to do was follow my great-grandmother’s marketing tips. Say what??

Yes. I was thumbing through some old photos of her and suddenly realized that she was a marketing genius. Here are 4 tips that I stole from my Grandma Angie:
1. HAVE A STRONG SCENT: Your grandmother probably wore a strong and very distinctive perfume. You know, the kind of perfume that lingers long after you’ve hugged her. My grandmother wore CHANEL 5; she was a sophisticated and classy woman. Just thinking about her, invokes the delightful fragrance. Grandma Angie’s house carried a distinctive smell as well. When I walked into her house it had a peculiar smell – like that old fashioned moth ball smell. I actually squirmed at the aroma when I was younger; however as I grew older, I came to appreciate and welcome the smell of my grandmother’s house. I instantly knew I was back in Florida when I walked through her door. Even now, whenever I’m in a store and I come across the distinctive “moth ball” scent, I immediately think about my grandmother. From a brand perspective, this taught me to carry a scent and to create a brand that has a smell (literally and figuratively). Does your brand have a scent?


2.BRING YOUR SIGNATURE DISH TO THE TABLE: I don’t know about your grandmother, but my great grandmother had a signature dish. Her collard greens were delicious, and her country time iced tea was absolutely amazing. This might make you laugh, but my grandmother was also known for “stockpiling” before it became popular by the extreme couponers. Her kitchen was laid out like a grocery store and everybody knew it. Let’s pull out the marketing secrets from this tip. You must have a signature program, service or product and a distinctive way in which you do business. My signature programs are the 5-Figure Radiant Rebrand Business System & the 6-Week Female Success Brand & Personal Power Program. I hand select every woman that I work. All of my clients know that I don’t come into coaching calls unless I receive their application. No application, no call. Period. My 5-Figure Radiant Rebrand Business System teaches clients how to use a spiritual and stylish approach to add 5K every month over the next 12 months, attract premium paying clients and build a brand their clients love and adore. What’s your signature program, product or skill?


3. ESTABLISH YOUR DISTINCT STYLE: My grandmother always wore these floral and plaid print cotton and polyester housecoats (Dusters). As a child I believed she had hundreds of them, but I’m sure it wasn’t that many. When customers see you and your brand (your skill or product) there should be a consistent visual identity to help them instantly recognize and relate to you.Your goal is to project an image that represents your values and establishes your unique beliefs. Clearly my grandmother was going for ease, comfort and a dash of style. Your brand image is all about how your customers perceive and experience you. How do your customers see you?

4. ESTABLISH YOUR PERSPECTIVE: Every grandmother has her point of view and she has a special way in which she sees the world. If I ask you to recall a saying or a deep-seated belief that your grandmother has, without hesitation, you’d be able to fire off several grandma-isms. In business, if you don’t have a unique position or view-point your customers won’t recognize your brand value and you won’t be remembered. As you talk to your customers about what you do, your goal is not to convince them to like you, your goal is to gain their respect and trust in you. Most grandmas have something to say about everything, and whether you agree with her opinion or not she’s going to give it to you. Your brand needs a stance and a point of view. Establish your own expressions, brand phrases, and mottos. Leave your trail of thinking in every business conversation. This will do wonders for your brand.

Brilliant Thinker, leave a comment and tell me which marketing tip resonates with you the most? What tips can you steal from your grandma?

The Essence of Change

 Change takes place at two speeds.

1. Revolutionary- instant, quick, and fast change. It’s like microwave speed change.

2. Evolutionary-slow, gradual, routine/process driven change. It is like conventional oven speed change.

Understanding the two different speeds of change gives you power in assessing where you are in your life right now. Don’t be frustrated on your path if one area feels slow. That just means you’re in the evolutionary process. Don’t lose hope. Change happens anytime their is motion. Motion =movement. Keep moving because with every step you are changing. I like how Galatians 6:9 says it,  Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Do you handle evolutionary change well?

[Coming Soon] EnterpRISING Execution Coaching Program

SheRISES is going to the next level and I want to give you a little glimpse of what’s to come. First and foremost, I’m customizing a special program to help you launch your creative dream. This program is a little different from our Radiant YOUniversity program, which is more like an accelerated “B” school for our fast-paced Success Mavens who prefer a more comprehensive program. 

Take an inside peek:

The program length is cut in half and it also affords you the opportunity to work with me at a lower price point. You will still learn about the nuts and bolts of launching your creative dream without sacrificing thoroughness and efficiency. This will benefit each participant with a minimum total of 5 hour in-depth coaching calls, unlimited email support and smart business tips.Trust me, every high-performing woman with a dream and a goal of turning that passion into profit should be tuned into this message. I cannot wait to share the rest of the details of that particular program with you. In the mean time, be on the look out for our hot promos and other one-on-one coaching opportunities that will be available in the coming weeks. The spaces will be limited, so start preparing now.
If you’re not on my list please hop on it right now. www.sheRISES.orgFor those of you who are already on my list, check out our enterpRISING woman of the month, Ms. Spirit Wallace, the owner of A Pinch of Spirit.




Interested in Working with Me?

Are you impelled to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to RISE OVER THE TOP and push play on your creative dreams? If you say yes, you’ll love The Clarity Call Formula. It’s my most affordable success coaching & high-impact program designed for the creative woman seeking clarity, mentorship and proven success strategies to launch them forward and live their dreams out loud. I focus on igniting your passion, expanding your greatness and mastering your mindset. Among other fantastic benefits, each All-Start Client is entitled to three high-powered coaching calls per month from yours truly. Testimonials from clients illustrate their immediate RESULTS, new found confidence and readiness for accomplishing their goals.For more information about signing up for your Clarity Call, you may give me a call at 1-213-537-4738. You may also reply to this message for your inquiries. www.sheRises.org #KeepRISING

Wednesday Wind Down (Why is it So Hard to Relax?)

Rest and relaxation are of the utmost importance, but many of us would rather pretend to be busy rather than stopping to enjoy the moment.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Is it that we live in a culture that demands that we are in a constant, never ending rush to get the next “best thing.” Or, is it that we’ve lost touch as a society with the power of stillness?

Stillness allows us to:

  • Become one with God
  • Listen to the thoughts of our heart
  • Check our intentions
  • Stand in gratitude
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Cultivate the power of joy

These powerful qualities can only be developed in stillness. There is a powerful scripture in the Bible that reads,  “Be still, and know that I am God…”  Today I challenge you to be still.

Are you afraid of stillness? Or, is it hard for you to get quiet and stop “doing,” and just start “being”?

Post your answers below.

Self-Judgement, Criticism & Personal Power

Mavens, self-Judgment is debilitating and can stifle your growth. Anytime you find yourself criticizing, evaluating and comparing yourself use the STOP method.

Here is what I do:
S= stop immediately and say something positive about yourself.

T= think about how amazing you are and say, “ I am a wellspring of goodness, and I am growing and achieving my highest potential. I operate from light and love.”

O= Open Yourself up to receiving this truth by breathing in and out and listening to yourself breathe.

P=Place your hands over your heart and feel your inner being expanding and growing.

Repeat this method a few times to help release those negative thoughts. Try the STOP method and let me know how it helped you move from self-judgment to self-love and care.