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MAVEN LOVE LETTER- Happy Valentine’s Day


Hi Beautiful Maven,
I love you because you want to make a magnificent difference, I love you, because you and I we share a common bond…..

You see, every day in order to live extraordinary- God filled lives, we crave FREEDOM
Freedom to create, freedom to choose, freedom to be everything that God has called us to be

You see, WE love adventure and taking risks…. We thrive when people tell us something is IMPOSSIBLE, we break down walls, and we don’t give up, we seek connection with others who support our CONSCIOUS CAMPAIGN.

Like me, you have an inner drive, and a deep ambition.
we’re mighty, brilliant and radiant in all of our ways

We yearn to live genuine lives, crave perpetual personal growth, and need a touch of sophistication and lots of style in our life. We desire to experience a life full of abundance, dynamic friendships and quality connections.

You won’t relent. … love creativity, helping others and being of service.

Our imagination is our greatest asset. It’s there that we create grand ideas…..where we can see things that others cannot.

At your core you have a deep ambition….that at times you struggle with, BUT, you’re convinced that it will create the change, abundance and influence that you seek.

To BE a living declaration of GOD, to be unconditional, unshakable, and non-negotiable devotion to your family, your entrepreneurial pursuits and living life WIDE AWAKE!
At the core of your BEING is a deep commitment to changing the course of humanity.

You dream of living your best life, building your beautiful brand and being a voice of change. You see yourself leading the pack, speaking to thousands and impacting lives every day.

And last year, you saw obstacles in your way. But not now.

You’ve decided to expand your vision, to NOT waste any more time doing it by yourself, or being hard on yourself. You’ve decided to stop—-creating, and creating… and start producing.

Choosing this new path…. Enables you to EMBRACE all of who you are, Stand in the fullness of love and light and INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE.

It’s time to leverage your natural feminine gifts, magnetize your greatness, and shine your light on that which comes naturally to you.
Now is not the time to back down, self-sabotage, deny your greatness or resist your gift.
Now is not the time to make EXCUSES, continue to do what’s comfortable, or live to make others happy. STOP THAT this moment.

We are cream of the crop, female success leaders, influential women called to REGIN.
You’ve finally released the need to be perfect, to not be scared, or to ask for help.

Finally you can take off the mask, drop the façade, and
BE true to who you really are….

You’re tired of choosing to “Just enough”.


It’s time to kick to the curve the old way of “worrying, and doubting” yourself and just get on with the job.

You’re not losing yourself anymore.

And you’re not giving in.

No more…excuses, playing small, complaining or giving all the reasons why you can’t do something.

It’s not part of your design. You’re built for something far greater, to live on a higher level, to pursue great exploits….

To be an ambassador of change.
It’s time to DO what you’ve been CALLED to do and live the GOD-KIND Of LIFE.

The great thing is…

You’re not alone on this quest….

And even better, you don’t have to surround yourself with “many” to fulfill the task that God has given you. A task that includes taking risks, trusting his direction, and giving more of ourselves to HIM.

You now have a place where only the ambitious, the driven, savvy and unabashed female leaders get stuff done.

Finally, you can clear your mind, and revel in QUALITY instead of quantity.

It’s time to Tap into your INNATE GENUS right now… with ease and flow.

Tapping into your innate genius means reaching your 6-Figure Business Radiant ReBrand Crusade- through mentorship, support and high-level education which is focused on…
• Accepting that you have more than enough to succeed “right now” at this very moment
• Discovering your natural feminine gifts and influence
• Systematizing your operations and plans

NOW you finally gifted yourself with CHOICE.

Remember doing the work that you mastered, leaving you bored and unfulfilled. Working on someone elses vision… the place that you settled for… the place in your life that left you feeling frustrated and irritated.
I admire that you’re now prepared to lead and drive change, because you know that it will influence change and guarantee the results that you desire in your life for you family and your tribe. I value your courage to step up and answer the God’s call
To RISE to the next level.


I think we click because maybe, just maybe you see the world though “abundant” eyes.

And because you’ve always believed there’s a different, more endearing way to inspire those who like you and I, don’t settle for “average”

Conforming to the status-quo makes both of us sick.

And, while others vilify or even worse, ignore the “black sheep, you marvel at their genus, model them and contribute to shifting the experience of
I know you’ll influence change

Together with our clique of conscious crusaders, we’ll build our stunning 5-Figure business, with class, innovation and originality.

We’ll lavish in abundance, revel in goodness and delight in our greatness reflected in others.

We take the time out to be grateful for the natural gifts servin in our life, We conspire for the success of others (no matter what)

We do what it takes. And, we live FREEDOM  everyday.


Because we see what other’s don’t,

And because …we’ve gifted ourselves with the choice.

I look forward to leading you to where you want to go beautiful, Success Maven.



5 Habits of Powerful People

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.28.31 PM

Habits are addictive practices that can either enhance your life or keep you stuck in life-defeating patterns that lead to mediocrity.

Powerful people maintain powerful habits that propel them forward and help them to access their greatest self. Here are five simple habits that you can adopt and incorporate into your life. 

1. Stillness– Your mind is full of chatter and fires off anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Stillness helps you to evaluate, redirect, and cancel out thoughts that aren’t serving you and your purpose, and are life-draining and toxic. Challenge yourself to sit still for two minutes and hold one thought. Start with holding a word in your mind, such as love, God, purity, peace, or beauty. As you get better at sitting still, improve your time by 30-second intervals. When you do this, find a comfortable chair and sit up straight. Feel your toes, your hands and your heat beat. Get still as stillness will help you to become more of who you’re created to be and less of who you currently are. Adopting this mindset tool will help you to become stronger and helps to establish presence.

2. Writing– I write constantly because there is power in writing down your thoughts. I’ve been known to capture ideas and write them on the back of receipts, napkins, in journals, on my iPhone/ iPad, on scratch paper, and even in my bible. I’m always writing something. Writing is a powerful exercise that helps you to unveil hidden thoughts, beliefs, and creative ideas to help you lead a more dynamic life. Writing helps you make meaning out of your world and allows for you to express yourself in ways that speaking or thinking can’t. The power of this habit can’t be stressed enough.

Where do you write your thoughts down?

3. Exercising- I’m still working on this one, but movement is extremely helpful. When you move you’re aiding your body in the flow of oxygen, giving your digestive system a boost, helping blood flow through your body. All of this helps with lifting the fog from your mind and increasing clarity. When you run you release worries and doubts, and you learn to push through your self-imposed limits.

What’s your favorite exercise?

4. Reading- I strongly believe in having a balanced reading diet. You should have a healthy dose of fiction and non-fiction in your personal canon. In my library you can find books on law, government, social issues, spiritual dynamics, personal finance, and historical books. Your library is a reflection of your values, thoughts, and mindset. Say that with me: My library is a reflection of my values, thoughts, and mindset. Literacy gives you access to dynamic thoughts, propels you into conversation and thoughtful discourse, challenges your thinking, increases your discernment, and aids in personal growth and development. The great Jim Rohn said: “All readers are leaders.” He was the grandfather of personal development. Your leadership capacity is dependent upon this strategy.

What was the last book you read? How did it help you to become a better person? What lessons did you learn?

5. Thinking– Thinking is an underrated activity, especially in our “speak your mind and say what you want to say” culture. Deep thinking allows you to mull over ideas and meditate on your thoughts so that you can pull out important messages. Incorporating time within your day to think about the matters of your heart is just as important as taking big action. This type of thinking will allow you to make better decisions, download creative ideas, and establish scripts on how to proceed and succeed in different areas of your life. Most people are afraid to sit with their thoughts and balk at the idea of taking time out of their day to think about something on purpose, but this method increases your brilliance and puts you in a class of your own.

What’s the difference between stillness and thinking?

When you take time out of your day to think, you’re bringing a thought into your mind to grapple with, where as stillness is about letting go of your thoughts and allowing new thoughts and ideas to come to you.

The goal is to act thoughtfully instead of reacting to your world.

2030663I’m Queenie Johnson, M.A., Master Teacher & Brand  Strategist. I’m  a wife and DREAM MAKER. I founded   SheRISES-The School of Success for Women, a coaching, training and success academy designed for  the ambitious, yet stylish female entrepreneur who’s ready to make her creative dreams real and make more money, so that she can help more people. Let me help you launch your creative dream and teach you the Money,  Mindset & Magnificence Formula to help you upgrade your life. 

Big Vision, Big Action Part II [Save Your Seat]

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 1.00.09 PM

On this call we will cover:

  • How to breakthrough and connect with your soul’s deepest purpose (In the first 2 minutes of our call)
  • How to tap into your personal, creative & spiritual power and stand in your greatness
  • How to invite God in and direct your path with laser focus (In minute 5)
  • The five major mistakes women make when DREAM MAKING
  • The four most powerful drivers of human behavior.
  • How to engage your brain for permanent change.

Grind, Glow & Grow : How Bad Do You Want It Part 2?

Lolo Jones, an American track star, was quoted as saying: “I’ve trained every day for the past four years, five days a week, for a 12 second race.”

Um, come again?

Did she really say 12 seconds?

Yes, she did.

When I heard Lolo say that I instantly realized that I couldn’t fathom training every day for a 12 second race.

In fact,

I couldn’t imagine training five days a week, eight hours a day, for an opportunity four years into the future.

Heck, can you?

Come on.

Don’t lie.

Can you really imagine your dream in real time being held within a 12 second timeframe?

Honestly, I can’t – but if you’re a track star, that’s your reality. You train to position yourself to compete at the highest level. Then you train some more to prepare for the “big stage” (aka the Olympics) all to represent yourself, your country, and your coach. This is why I admire  athletes – they have such a deep level of discipline and work ethic towards not just achieving their goals, but positioning themselves to have the opportunity to achieve those goals.

It’s the difference between hoping to arrive, attain, and achieve, and taking the necessary steps to move towards the mark set for yourself.

When I think of the SheRISES community (the Success Mavens), I think of smart, dynamic, and creative women like you training for their next big race. The race is synonymous with our personal projects and goals that will serve the greater good of the world. But I often question our level of dedication to being and becoming the person who God called us to be.

Twelve seconds for Lolo Jones is the difference between being a track star and being an Olympic Gold Medalist, and although being a track star and record holder is good, being an Olympic Gold Medalist is much better.

So my questions is:

“How bad do you want it?”

I asked you this same question a couple weeks ago in Part 1 of the How Bad Do You Want It? series and many of you said, “Queenie, I really want it.”

So my question to you today is: “What does your training look like?”

1. Is it once a week or five times a week?
2. Are you consistent or spotty?
3. Do you train like your life depends on it?
4. Do you train like someone else’s life depends on it?
5. Are your training days scheduled?
6. Have you narrowed down what you’re training for?
7. Do you have a coach to help you train?

This week I challenge you to push forward and Grind, Glow, and Grow.

It’s time for you to stop talking, stop daydreaming, and start taking the necessary steps to give yourself and your dream everything you’ve got. If you have a book in your mind, start writing; if you have a program, start scripting the outline; if you want more clients, start developing your sales strategy. If you want to start a volunteer program, just start it.


excellence is the result of high-level training.

It’s not an accident,

nor does it occur by happenstance.

Simply stated, you have to train for success.

Write This Down:
Success is a deliberate intention, coupled with right action, and accurate thinking.

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Are you impelled to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to RISE OVER THETOP and push play on your creative dreams? If you say yes, you’ll love The Clarity Call Formula. It’s my most affordable success coaching & high-impact program designed for the creative woman seeking clarity, mentorship and proven success strategies to launch them forward and live their dreams out loud. I focus on igniting your passion, expanding your greatness and mastering your mindset. Among other fantastic benefits, each All-Start Client is entitled to three high-powered coaching calls per month from yours truly. Testimonials from clients illustrate their immediate RESULTS, new found confidence and readiness for accomplishing their goals.For more information about signing up for your Clarity Call, you may give me a call at 1-213-537-4738. You may also reply to this message for your inquiries. #KeepRISING

Before You Quit Your Job

I’ve just wrapped a seven-week summer vacation, and Wednesday was my first day back to work. Yep, work. Some people dread going to work, but I absolutely love my job. Don’t get me wrong, I had a magnificent summer and during that time I had the opportunity to develop:

  • The plan for my digital magazine, The Success Maven
  • The Blueprint for two life & business coaching programs
  • A waiting list for Radiant YOUniversity
  • Signature strategies to help my clients achieve clarity and a plan of action to move them towards their ideal life.


I delivered over forty hours of coaching with the Clarity Call Formula. Above all, I spent countless hours checking things off my to-do list. Whew! I didn’t even mention that I also ran and operated Camp DNI, a four-week design thinking camp with my company, Distinguished Learning Group, LLC.

As you can see this Success Maven, gets it done. I ain’t playin no games. (Lol)

By all accounts, I had a “You go girl,” type of summer. I operated in my full capacity and stretched myself in every way possible. It was incredible, and as you can see I dedicated my summer to building programs, courses and teaching high-achieving women to “Master their Mindset, & EXPAND their Greatness,” so that they can live their creative dreams out loud and make money.

Can you believe that I accomplished all of this in seven weeks? Some of my clients even reached some of their benchmark goals sooner than they expected. Wow! It’s so incredible to see someone else’s dream unfold right before your eyes. God’s plan is certainly working in my life, and I am grateful for that.

All of this sounds like heaven. And, it is, but going back to work could bring out the bellyacher in me, but instead it’s brought out a more joyful Queenie.

Why? Because my job is my small business loan. A small business loan is the capital needed to finance improvements or start a business. This summer I used my salary to fund my company, because I understand that SheRISES will not grow simply  because I’m passionate about it. I have to invest in the company, and the most efficient way for me to do that is to use cash flow that I get from my day job.

I know that we live in a culture where entrepreneurs are being celebrated and quitting a job is supposedly the sexist and most powerful thing since the invention of the iPad. Okay, I’m being silly, but you get the point.

I understand that having the “time” to work on your dream is so necessary, but I also know that having all the time in the world and no cash flow is painful. I’m asking you to develop a plan and strategize before you quit your job. I’m inviting you to think about how you can leverage your job and use it to propel your business forward.

I know you’re full of passion and that you really believe that God has given you the most extraordinary idea, or purpose, but you have to remember to use wisdom and discernment. As you’re reading this I can hear you saying, “But, I hate my job,” and ” I know this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

Look, I know you’re ready to live a freedom-based lifestyle.

And, I genuinely believe that you have the birthright to live your creative dreams out loud.  And yes, you should be your own boss and make money on your own terms. But, I want you to know that business is a process. You need to feed it, and develop it. Plus, you have bills and responsibilities to yourself and others, and you can’t just jump up and quit your job because you have a bright idea that came from heaven (touché)

Here are some tip/strategies for you: 

1. Don’t despise your current job: Energy is everything. While you’re working on your job, acknowledge the opportunity that you have to invest in your company. Shifting your mindset will do wonders for you. It will accelerate your transition into your business or creative dream full time and open up massive opportunities.

2. Your job is your greatest asset: It enables you to purchase different platforms, hire (if necessary), fund start up cost, and create a powerful brand.  Remember building a business costs money. I didn’t say a lot of money, but it does cost $$ money. If someone tells you that it doesn’t, their  lying.

3.In the early stages of your business cash is king (along with strategy, foresight and creativity): Having a steady and substantial cash flow come in from my job afforded me the opportunity to purchase needed software tools, and programs to put SheRISES in the position to compete in the market.

4. Having a job doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur: it gives you the fuel to become a better entrepreneur.

As I head to work each day, I know that I’m doing what I love while simultaneously funding my other dream and goal of creating a global brand for women who want to use their gifts to change the world.

I hope this article encourages you to know that you can build a business while maintaining a full-time job.

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Find my tips useful? Are you impelled to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to RISE OVER THE TOP and push play on your creative dreams? If you say yes, you’ll love The Clarity Call Formula. It’s my most affordable success coaching & high-impact program designed for the creative woman seeking clarity, mentorship and proven success strategies to launch them forward and live their dreams out loud. I focus on igniting your passion, expanding your greatness and mastering your mindset. Among other fantastic benefits, each All-Start Client is entitled to three high-powered coaching calls per month from yours truly. Testimonials from clients illustrate their immediate RESULTS, new found confidence and readiness for accomplishing their goals.For more information about signing up for your Clarity Call, you may give me a call at 1-213-537-4738. You may also reply to this message for your inquiries.

Bio: I’m Queenie Johnson, M.A., a mentor to women RISING to create outrageous & postive change in the world. I offer programs and courses to help modern women expand their capacity for greatness by teaching them specific tools & techniques to help them master their mindeset, mission and movement for outrageous success in every area of their life. My goal is to eliminate “overwhelm” and assist you in overcoming worry, doubt and fear, so that you can live out your soul purpose and make lots of money $ doing it. #KeepRISING